miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

Some English translations...

I'd like to offer some translations of articles that have already appeared on this blog in Spanish, so that English readers can appreciate many of the aspects of Alcalá de los Gazules. I am not a professional translator and I freely acknowledge that I will make mistakes - I am by no means fluent. You can help me by pointing out those errors when you see them and I'll do my best to correct them and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

There is a wealth of material on the site and I'll have to be a little selective but if you feel something deserves translation, I'll do my best to help.

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Antonio Casado dijo...

Bienvenido Bob.
Me alegra un montón contar contigo de ahora en adelante.
Confío en que tu trabajo servirá para procurar que los "locales" y los "visitantes" nos conozcamos algo mejor y que ampliemos un poco el club de amigos.

El tiempo que hará...